Quiet Neighbors Brewery

About This Project

Quiet Neighbors Brewery is a small family affair started by home brewers Laura and Aaron. The name is derived from the couples first brewing location, a small house located across the street from a old cemetery. When it came time to choose a name for their brewery they wanted something that symbolized where everything started and why not honor those that laid quietly and keep the couple company on the long nights of brewing.


The challenge of this project was to create a symbol that represented the cemetery yet also portrayed principles surrounding community, tradition and celebration, all of which are important to Laura and Aaron. To incorporate all of these principles, I took influences from the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations and blended them with the materials and culture of the beer industry. To accompany the logo mark, I created a custom hand written font softening the look and adding a personal touch.


Like the beer itself, the logo is a balance of bold and intrinsic with influences that are recognizable yet unique.

Art Direction, Branding, Graphics, Packaging, Print