NuWallpaper Packaging & Campaign

About This Project

The thought process behind the Peel and Stick wallpaper brand “NuWallpaper” was to be clear, unabashful, and proud of our new product. We didn’t want to shy away from the term Wallpaper, which to some has a very negative reputation.  Instead we wanted to strengthen it, letting people know that wallpaper has evolved and is now easy to use.


NuWallpaper’s packaging is one of the most important aspect for this product. To differentiate NuWallpaper from all other traditional wallpapers, we decided to display it on end as opposed to the traditional way of laying the roll on its side. As a result the package has a stronger shelf presence, standing over 21″ tall. Secondly, the roll was packaged in a box creating a high end look and feel that the product deserves. The high contrasting elements and neutral color scheme allows basic information to be easily identified while providing a neutral backdrop for the patterns themselves.


One of the major challenges with this package was that is needed to be trilingual yet very clean and easy to read. Since it was a new product into the market, there was quite a bit of information that needed to be on the package educating consumers as to what the product was and how it is used. To accomplish this, we focused on using iconic imagery wherever possible. The icons are simple and can be universally recognized.


To keep cost down, the box itself holds all common graphics for the product while an additional insert provides a room set, pattern name, and additional colorways. The insert was designed to fit into the box and stay in place without using any additional adhesives or materials to provide additional cost savings.


A strong and concentrated marketing campaign helped launch the product.  The important aspect to making a connection with our target audience was to create a clean, easy to identify package and marketing campaign that differentiated it from traditional paper while highlighting the strengths that made the product truly innovative. To accompany the package, a marketing brochure was printed to go in stores. In addition, a website and installation video were created to support the product and give customers an easy place to discover additional information and design ideas. The website also provides a home base for media related sales and promotions in the future.

Art Direction, Branding, Graphics, Packaging, Print, Web