Grid Defection Report

About This Project

Grid defection was one of the most influential reports produced in 2014 within the electricity industry. It brought to light the true threat that solar + battery systems have on utility companies. It led to Barclays reducing the credit rating for many utility companies and the phase “Grid Defection” was later deemed one of the top 5 terms of 2014 by GreenTech Media. To date it ranks as one of RMI’s most successful reports in their 32 year history!

The design challenge of this report was incorporating the massive number of graphs and charts. A color system had to be established and implemented among 30 graphs and charts to differentiate commercial from residential studies while clearly identifying the difference between each of the 5 case studies. During layout, there was the added challenge to create a smooth flow while bouncing between graphs, charts, text and pictures, all of which typically showed up on every page.

Art Direction, Graphics, Print